Monday, April 1st

We went from Janzé to London. We left at 2.30am and we arrived at 7.30am. After, we got on the boat. We left at 8.30am (French hour) and arrived at 1.40pm (English hour). Next, we went to Northchapel to learn how to make scones, sandwiches, fairy cakes and at 4.45pm we ate what we had baked. Finally we came with the bus to meet the family in London at 7.30pm.

Kiara Pierrot, 4é

Tuesday, April 2d

Today, we visited the museum « Madame Tussauds ». It was a very big and beautiful museum. In the museum, the statues are made of wax. Madam Tussauds created the first wax statues and in the museum we saw Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II… We watched 4D movie with Marvel heroes. We went to a pub called “The Globe” and we ate fish and chips. After that, we visited London and we walked to the British Museum. It was crowded. The British Museum is larger and bigger and more historical than Madam Tussauds. In there, we found the oldest man. His name was Nesperennub. We also found the Rosetta stone thanks to which scientists could understand hieroglyphs. Then, we went to Covent Garden to do some shopping. We spent a nice day !

Gabriela Popa, 4éF

Tuesday, April 2d

This morning, we visited Windsor Castle : it is very big and old and beautiful. We saw the Changing of the Guards. The Queen lives in the castle and she was here today… but we didn’t see her !

We ate a picnic (sandwiches, candies, fruit,..) After, we went shopping (souvenirs, clothes, candies, etc). It was nice.

In the afternoon, we played cricket ; it was very difficult to understand at first, but after we had fun !!

Chloé, Enora, Morgane 4G

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